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Upcoming Events in the Gunks



Saturday, October 14th

Gunks Climbers Coalition Fall BBQ at the Mohonk Preserve Visitors Center

Free for GCC members/$15.00 for non-members. Guests will be able to sign up for membership at the event. 

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Saturday, October 21st. 8:00pm at the R&S Annex. 

No Man's Land Film Festival

From, " No Man's Land Film Festival is an all-female adventure film festival based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that meets a need and desire to highlight and connect women in pursuit of the radical. We are a collaboration and celebration of men and women who are deeply engaged in enhancing the female presence in the adventure arena. The goal of this festival is to connect like-minded individuals who are action-oriented, wish to support a shared vision of gender equality, have a desire to experience their passions and environments through a uniquely female lens, and above all, love adventure. Along with cultivating a deep interest in exploring the vastness of our planet from a female point of view, No Man's Land strives to create a history of motivating audiences to implement and inspire change. Our mission transcends the films presented; this festival acts as a platform for progressive thought and movement in the outdoor industry.  At No Man's Land, we aim to redefine feminine in adventure and sport through film." 

Saturday, October 28th. 8:00pm at R&S.

John Bragg Slide Show


John Bragg, who made the first ascent of Torre Egger in 1976 with Jim Donini and Jay Wilson, will share stories and pictures from the Gunks and Patagonia.

Admission is free.


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Saturday, November 4th. 8:00pm at R&S.

Psycho Vertical Film Screening.


Beautiful and emotive, Psycho Vertical explores the intricate mind of Andy Kirkpatrick, a world-class climber and alpinist who lives a life of conflicting desires, identities and responsibilities, inspired by his best-selling autobiography of the same name. Firmly grounded by his impoverished upbringing in 1970s Hull, from a young age Andy’s head has been in the clouds, filled with grand ideas of discovering who he is and what exactly he’s made of, spurred on by his father’s absence and translated into ascents of some of the world’s most dangerous alpine routes. Though he knows the pain of living in poverty, pursuing his dreams comes before making a living. While compelled to share his chaotic personal life and make audiences crumple with laughter on stage, he chooses to test himself on some of the world’s longest and most difficult climbs totally alone. A proud father, he cannot help but put ambition over security, even if that means risking his life time and again. By exploring his past, his present and his motivation for pushing his limits to the absolute extreme, we follow Andy on an 18-day, solo ascent of El Capitan, where life on the wall is precarious, tough and ‘crushingly lonely’, creating a raw and intimate portrait of one of climbing’s most controversial, unpredictable and adored figures, and exploringthemes of identity, fatherhood, and how our pasts shape us, drive us forward and stay with us all our lives.

Admission is free.



Wednesday, November 15th. 7:00pm at the Rosendale Theater.

Reel Rock Tour 12.

Time to Climb presents Reel Rock 12 Film Screening at the Rosendale Theatre in Rosendale, NY! 

How far will you go to chase your passions? Reel Rock 12 is a series of 4 films that answers the question and more with their showcase of the best climbing and adventure films of the year. Follow professional athletes as they challenge their fears, the land, and elements in pursuit of their dreams. 
REEL ROCK features exclusive premieres of short films by REEL ROCK co-founders Sender Films and Big UP Productions that tell the stories of the most exciting vertical action from the past year. From big walls to big moves, and featuring your favorite & inspiring climbing athletes this year's tour boasts an eclectic program that will get you psyched!

Please make sure to check out our sponsors as a few will be offer a variety of giveaways through the night!

Tickets HERE.

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As a mountain climbing guide, it is Vern Tejas’s job to climb the tallest mountain on each continent. Always rebellious, Tejas never met a challenge he couldn’t overcome, even the daunting task of climbing Mount Everest. In fact, he climbed all of the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents more than ten times each. In his story, Seventy Summits you will read about the beauty, danger, and surprising freedom of mountain climbing and what it has given him throughout his life.

Tejas battled the extreme cold of Denali and scaled Aconcagua and its windy slopes. Mont Blanc provided beautiful views, but Tejas towered over the European continent on Mt. Elbrus. The Roof of Africa is attempted by 35,000 people each year, but Mt. Kilimanjaro wasn’t as friendly as it looked. Antarctica’s Mt. Vinson boasted the last true frontier at a steep price tag. As a guide, Tejas got paid to climb it. Mt. Koscuiszko, Australia’s tallest mountain, was practically a stroll in the park at 7,310 feet. Finally, Tejas climbed tallest mountain in the world: Mt. Everest.

Then he climbed them all ten times each.

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More events may be posted so check back soon.

We as climbers are a community of people that travel to all ends of this earth to pursue our love of the rock. If any of you would like to share your experiences with us please call Andrew or email him.