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Upcoming Events in the Gunks


Tuesday, September 26th. 6:00pm at The Annex. Free Admission

John and Monica Chapman Presentation and Book Signing 


Join John and Monica Chapman for a presentation about their recently published book, Sierra Grand Traverse: An Epic Route Across the Range of Light


More about the book:

Sierra Grand Traverse offers experienced hikers an epic route across one of the world’s greatest mountain ranges. Designed by experienced hikers and writers John and Monica Chapman, this 200-mile-long traverse begins in Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park and heads through the High Sierra south to Mount Whitney and then on to Horseshoe Meadows. The challenging, but approachable adventure winds through five wilderness areas spread across three national parks and two national forests.

While some of the traverse follows well-defined trails, it starts at 8,580 feet and hikers spend most of their time between 9,000 and 12,000 feet--reveling in the open ridges and stunning vistas above treeline. With 56,000 feet of elevation change and crossing 41 mountain passes, this route requires solid navigation skills and careful planning and preparation--more than half of it is off-trail. But for determined hikers, the adventure of a lifetime awaits.

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Saturday, October 14th. 8:00pm at The Annex. Free Admission

Russ Clune Slide Show, Q&A, & Book Signing.


Join living legend Russ Clune for a evening of tales and laughs. Russ's memoir, The Lifer, will be published in late September and Russ has prepared a special presentation for his home crowd.


If you haven't seen it, Black Diamond put together a short film about Russ a few years back and it's a delight. 



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Saturday, October 21st. 8:00pm at The Annex. Free Admission


Niall Grimes Slide Show


Join climber, writer, podcaster Niall Grimes for an evening of tales about the British trad scene. Niall is the host of The Jamcrack Podcast and holds the dubious distinction of being the most fast-forwarded man in climbing films for segment on gritstone climbing history in the classic Hard Grit.


Here's a sample of Mr Grimes' creative output.



Saturday, November 11th. 8:00pm at The Annex. Free Admission

Brit Rock Film Tour 2023

The BRIT ROCK FILM TOUR is back for 2023 with another stunning line-up of the UK’s best climbing and adventure films. Five exhilarating films capturing an array of hardcore action, pioneering spirit and some proper madness. 


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This film tells the story of rising trad star Freja Shannon. We join half-Swedish, half-Irish Freja in her ancestral homelands as she pursues her climbing goals for the season – ‘Sista Bossen’ E8 6c at the world-class granite climbing area of Bohuslan, Sweden and ‘Snell’s Law’ E7 6c at the Burren on the west coast of Ireland. Freja is as affable as she is committed once on the lead, resulting in captivating and gripping footage that will leave your jaw on the floor.
The film also delves into Freja’s past, where we learn of her less-than-glamorous journey to becoming a professional climber – and how she overcame her inner doubts to break through as a leading female trad climber and alpinist. Whippers, sends and Nordic power screams all-inclusive in this spectacular and entertaining film.
'Goddess of Craic' 25mins

Climber Robbie Phillips chances upon a little-known mountain in the very far north of Scotland whilst driving from east coast to west. After some research, Robbie discovers the mountain is called Ben Loyal, and that climbing legend Simon Nadin has been developing a couple of lines at the crag. Simon tells him that there is something very special up there…
What Robbie finds at Ben Loyal is off the scale: endless bouldering, highballs, countless quality granite tors and buttresses with untapped climbing potential. But all this pales into insignificance compared with the main face, which holds the future of trad climbing on what is surely one of Britain’s greatest cliffs.
A truly stunning film of hard new routing by Robbie and Simon in an extraordinary setting.
'Shining Stones' 25mins

Emma Powell and Neil Gresham join the original pioneers of this unique ice climbing venue in British Columbia, Tim Emmett and Klemen ‘Klem’ Premrl once again push the boundaries of steep, sporty ice. After years of teasing, Tim finally invites his life-long friend Neil Gresham, along with top mixed climber Emma Powell to stoke up their pioneering spirit and develop some new lines at this surreal venue.
'Helmcken Falls' 15mins

Controversial and never far from the news; climber Matt Wright goes trailblazing across the UK, making wild first ascents, hard solos and bold new lines. Loveable rogue and working-class hero Matt puts his money where his mouth is in this tour-de-force of hard climbing. After weighing up his time-verses-routes equation, Matt abandons an attempt of the infamous Rhapsody (E11) and sets off on a quest to climb new inspiring lines. He does not disappoint, with his energetic journey culminating in the first ascent of ‘Magical Thinking’ E10 7a – a heart-stoppingly dangerous route at Pavey Ark, Lake District.
'Hard Git' 20mins

Filmmaker Alastair Lee turns the camera on himself in this deep introspective story of triumph through adversity. Perceived as a successful man with the perfect life, Al experiences unexpectedly dark times. Fearing he will lose everything, we watch a man on the brink claw his way from despair, using climbing and training to find peace and salvation.
Having never been the greatest of climbers, Al demolishes his inner punter – attempting to fulfil his potential by setting his sights on routes he’s spent 30 years avoiding. Includes hard first ascents, calamitous trad leads and bold on sights.
Carnage ensues almost every time Al sets off on a lead in this gripping, hilarious, emotional and ultimately inspiring story of a man in struggle as he seeks to reconnect with himself. Adding to the riotous flavour of this production, Al asks the climbers he’s working with to do the filming.
'Headjam' 35mins

Total running time 120 mins







We as climbers are a community of people that travel to all ends of this earth to pursue our love of the rock. If any of you would like to share your experiences with us please call Andrew or email him.