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Upcoming Events



Saturday, May 6th. 8:00pm. Free Admission.

Sudha Pamidimukkala Slide Show


Sudha will share images and stories from some of the amazing mountaineering expeditions she has been on in the last few years.


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Saturday, May 13th. 8:00pm. Free Admission.

Intro to AcroYoga with Lana Heintjes

If you've never tried this, you don't know what you're missing! AcroYoga is becoming the new trend in climbing commnunites around the globe. It is a partner yoga practice that combines acrobatics, therapeutics and thai massage. It's a great way to create community, build strength,  increase flexibility, and recover sore muscles. The only thing that will be sore at the end of class will be your cheeks, from all the laughter and smiling! This free class will break down the basics, which involves partner strength training exercises, partner stretching, flying on the hands and feet of your friends, and learning how to give and receive Thai massage. Come by yourself or bring your friends. No experience necessary. 
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More events may be posted so check back soon.

We as climbers are a community of people that travel to all ends of this earth to pursue our love of the rock. If any of you would like to share your experiences with us please call Andrew or email him.