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Specialists in Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Hiking and Cross-Country Skiing Since 1970

Our Mission & History


For over 40 years, Rock & Snow has been home to the newest and most innovative gear and clothing related to climbing and outdoor recreation. If you see or hear about a new piece of gear, ask us for the details. There's a good chance we'll be one of the first stores to carry it and use it! We're all climbers, so we know what climbers need. And we all live and play in the New Paltz area, so we know lots of useful things about it. Climbing routes? We know them all. Campsites or hotels? Got it covered. We pride ourselves on our local knowledge, and we love to share it with anyone who will listen. We love our Gunks, home to some of the best climbing in the world. A portion of our sales goes to support local preservation efforts, so in addition to offering the best gear and advice around, we're helping to keep our environment happy & healthy for future climbers.


Our History


Dick Williams, a local climbing pioneer, initially had the idea for Rock & Snow in 1965 and after much effort the store opened on April 10, 1970. Business has grown over the years and the store has witnessed various developments and evolutions within the climbing industry, such as; sticky rubber climbing shoes, camming devices, high-tech clothing materials, indoor climbing gyms, etc.



These years of growth and development have also included tremendous challenges including a fire on February 20, 1990 that completely destroyed the store. After the fire, Rich Gottlieb, who was store manager at the time of the fire, joined Dick Williams as a full partner. For three years, Rock and Snow was temporarily relocated across the street while design and consultation for a new store took place.


The new and larger store opened on April 1, 1993 and has continued to improve and grow since that time.

In 2000, after 30 years of devotion to Rock & Snow, Dick Williams sold the business to Rich Gottlieb - you can bet that you will be seeing Dick on the cliffs a whole lot more. Consequently, it's likely that you will be seeing Rich in the shop a bit more.