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Specialists in Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Hiking and Cross-Country Skiing Since 1970

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Well, here's a rundown of the crew you'll be seeing or talking to here at the store. Everyone is knowledgeable about the gear that we sell because we use it, abuse it, and wear it out. You can always find some of us out playing when we're not here. Whether it's climbing, hiking, biking, or cross-country skiing, any season or weather we do it, so here is a taste of who's who at R&S! Interested in working at Rock and Snow? Fill out an application. If we have positions available, we will contact you ASAP.


Rich Gottlieb

"I started to climb in the early 80's in the southeast while pursuing the artistic life. Climbing kept interrupting every other aspect of my life and the closer I got to it the more I wanted to know about it. The road trips just kept coming: Colorado, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, New Hampshire, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Peru, Italy, Quebec. Climbing is fun. Climbing is pulling into a parking lot 1000 miles from home, seeing an old partner from 10 years back, and just giving them the nod as if it were only last week that you were tying in together; then perhaps you tie in again. Climbing is a wonderful combination of the expected and the unexpected, it is a test and a tonic. Now life is running on the same track as climbing is and I share life with my wife, Teri, and my daughter, Celia.


Andrew Zalewski 

Andrew grew up in the small village of Rosendale, just a few short miles from some of, in his opinion, the best rock climbing in the world. His passion for rock has fueled numerous trips to England and France and a number continential climbing trips. Andrew is married to his lovely former girlfriend, Amy, and has a cat, Rupert, and a human child, Elinor. In addition to rock climbing of all forms, Andrew's interests include, but are not limited to art, kitty cats, science, fiction, science fiction, motorcycles, hiking, and being highly opinionated.

Matt Way

Moving from the wilderness of Adirondacks, Matt followed his heart (and Jesse Littleton) to New Paltz first in 2007. Here he cut his teeth (and his finger tips) on the quartzite conglomerate of the Shawangunk Ridge. Once sharp, he used these teeth to devour new routes in the Adirondacks, and to travel to many destinations abroad. Despite his wanderings he always felt like New Paltz was home so he returned in 2011 to join the team at Rock and Snow. When he is not cutting his teeth he enjoys trying his hand at ice climbing, x-country and back country skiing, beer drinking and finding excuses to visit the Adirondacks. 

 Chris Williams

Chris Williams began climbing in 2005 in the sleepy city of Buffalo, NY and has become a new transplant of the the area as of 2012. His passion for climbing and the outdoors has taken him all over North America and Europe and even forced him into living out of a small hatchback for 2008 and the better part of 2009 in search of these experiences. While a lot of his obsession and discipline is directed toward the pebbles, he also loves plugging cams, clipping bolts and hiking peaks! When he's not consumed by those activities he also enjoys biking, listening and making music, drinking good beer, watching hockey and being quasi-intellectual. Even though he has only been living in the area for a short while, he is proud to call the Gunks and Rock and Snow home.

Mendy Taylor

Mendy moved to New Paltz in 2002 from Indiana. She enjoys climbing, but it just can't compete with her passion for running and cycling.
 Sebastian Bauer

In 2009 Sebastian moved to the New Paltz area from Buffalo to attend SUNY New Paltz. Although inexperienced with climbing, he had a predilection for the outdoors and the proximity of the Gunks persuaded him to attend New Paltz. Sebastian now has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking and 4 years of climbing experience. He enjoys placing cams, screwing screws, stacking pads, and clipping bolts. 
Jen Thomas

Jen comes from the west. Only recently transplanting herself into New York living, to pursue a different life direction, and to explore the culture of the east coast. Having an affinity for injury has lead her away from bouldering, and hopefully onto the sport of trad climbing. Musician, animal lover, camera junkie, and pseudo chef, are among a few of the things that are "The Jeneral."

Bill O'Connell

Bio coming soon

Charlie Butterly

Bio coming soon