Grindstone Hangboard
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Tension Climbing

Grindstone Hangboard



Everything you need to get your fingers strong without wearing out your skin.

Super comfortable jugs help you warm up and provide a place to train pull-ups and core exercises. The edges on the Grindstone take you from 35mm to 15mm in 5mm increments. The asymmetric edge layout means that the edge spacing stays the same as you progress from 30mm to 15mm. The center of the board gives you an extra deep 50mm edge and a shallower 22mm edge for one arm hangs.

No more craning your neck to watch the clock! The slot on the top of the board acts as a phone holder and points the screen down towards your face while you are hanging.




35mm edges

30mm edges

25mm edges

20mm edges

15mm edges

10mm edges

Single 50mm edge

Single 22mm edge

Phone slot

Dimensions: 22" wide, 6" tall, 2 3/4" deep


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