Patagonia Vertical 2016
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Patagonia Vertical 2016


Rolando Garibotti, Dörte Pietron

In the extreme south of Argentinean Patagonia along the border with Chile rises the majestic mountain chain of the most daring shapes. The crowd granite pillars and walls and ice hammered peaks stand out the famous Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy. Due to the reliable weather data, which in recent years allow a fairly accurate weather forecast, it is a way of climbing in Patagonia has changed radically. The weather is still as bad as before, but well prepared and informed formations can take advantage of even short periods beautiful vremena.Pri planning a successful ascent, which should be adapted to the expected period of good or climbing a suitable weather, in addition to knowing the direction of vital logistics access, descent and eventual withdrawal. All this and much more is covered in complete mountaineering guide in the mountains above Chaltenom by the author Rolando Garibotti marked for their life's work, which would be difficult to work out without the help of co-authors and soplezalke Dörte Pietron.Poleg detailed drawings and descriptions vrisov direction for most climbs above the recommended entry and exit as well as the necessary climbing equipment and strategy ascent. As one of the best connoisseurs of the mountain with a 30-year-old climbing serving is enriched with a comprehensive guide outlining the historical podocja and climbing as well as useful general information. Straight astonishing is how much quality towards offering mountains above Chaltenom and how strong seal in these walls left also Slovenian climbers. The Guide documented all the major climbs Slovenian climbers.
Guide edited by Lindsay Griffin .

About the Authors

Rolando Garibotti , mountain guide and photographer, grew up in the north of Bariloche Patagonije.Skupino Fitz Roy was first visited in 1986, when as a 15-year-old with a year older peers climbed Agujo Guillaumet. Among his most important climbs include the first complete ascent via the north wall of Fitz Roy 1996, the first ascent via the north face of Cerro Torre in 2005 (El Arca de los Vientos with Salvaterro and Beltramijem), and for decades the most desirable ascents - Crossing the Cerro Torre (Travesía part Torre Colin Haley) in 2008. All the ups done in alpine style. In 2009, with the Italian government for his sporting career he awarded the honorary title of Cavaliere (knight). Slovenian audience was presented at the Festival Mountain Film in 2010. Dörte Pietron was born in 1981 in Heidelberg, Germany, where she graduated in physics. After graduation he decided to make a career mountain guide us and currently as coach leads a team of young German climbers. Patagonia was first climbed in 2008; Since then, the four climbed Cerro Fitz Roy, inter alia, through the long direction Afanassieff with Argentinian Milena Gomez as the second female formation (for our two Tina Di Batista and Monika Kambic), with Roland Garibottijem are conducted 2. Iteration direction ensu. Twice he climbed on Cerro Torre; for the first time as the first woman after Ferrari in the direction of the west wall.

The first edition of the guide is at the 38 International Festival of Mountain Film and Literature Banff in 2013 , won first prize in the category of tourist guide literature.

The guide is written in English.

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