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Beastmaker 2000 Hangboard

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Designed and manufactured by climbers, each board is CNC milled from a single chunk of hardwood then sanded to a smooth, comfortable surface. Beastmaker is also the only company to step into the 21st century and offer a Training App for your smartphone. Check out more info at

The 2000 Series Board is the more difficult of the two Beastmaker boards. It offers smaller edges, many detailed pockets and incredibly demanding slopers.

Features Include:

* 45 Degree Slopers
* 35 Degree Slopers
* 20 Degree Slopers
* Medium 3 Finger Socket
* Smaller 3 Finger Socket
* Mouth Jug
* Big, Little & Incut Rungs
* Back 2 Pockets
* Big, Little & Sloping 2 Finger Pockets
* Sloping and 1 Pad Monos
* 24" wide and 6" high when mounted
* Pre-drilled and countersunk screw holes
* Screws inculded

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