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Specialists in Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Hiking and Cross-Country Skiing Since 1970

DMM Dragon Cam

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The Dragon Cam is a patented twin axle, single stem camming device that is the perfect mainstream cam for traditional climbing.

DMM Dragons have been designed without compromise to produce a blend of strength, lightness and functionality.

The cams use a single stem with hot forged cams mounted on a dual axle. DMM have kept Ray Jardines original 13.75° constant camming angle that maximises holding power without compromising range. They have also kept the extendable, double dyneema sling that saves on quickdraws and reduces the weight of your rack even further. These are the fundamentals around which Dragons are designed.

The cams use relatively strong springs - this means the units feel slightly harder to retract, but the advantages are worth it: they will sit more securely in placements, they will have improved resistance to being pulled out of low friction placements and they will walk less.


• Hot forged cams that combine lightness with strength.
• Twin axle design for extended expansion range and smooth action.
• Constant 13.75° camming angle.
• Extendable 8mm dyneema sling.
• Strong springs help create a stable placement that resists walking.
• The stem system uses .
• Moulded ergonomic trigger bar.
• Replaceable trigger wire system.
• Colour coded for easy size recognition.
• Anodised cams for corrosion prevention.

Size 00, Blue, 75g, 9KN, 13.6-22.5mm
Size 0, Silver, 85g, 12KN, 16-26.7mm
Size 1, Purple, 97g, 14kN, 20 - 33mm
Size 2, Green, 106g, 14kN, 24 - 41mm
Size 3, Red, 119g, 14kN, 29 - 50mm Size 4, Gold, 148g, 14kN, 38 - 64mm
Size 5, Blue, 195g, 14kN, 50 - 85mm
Size 6, Silver, 276g, 14 kN, 68 - 114mm

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